Mission Statement

T.E.N. Media Productions strives to reach not only the local community, but as far as our messages can be heard. Our goal is to provide a media platform with a positive atmosphere, in which our guests and customers can share their messages with the world.  The companies’ foundation is built on the idea that everyone has a story to be shared. Often times people cannot obtain the public exposure they may desire, in order to live a fulfilling or expressive life, in turn, missing valuable opportunities to be enveloped and nurtured by their community.  

As a Grand Rapids based company, we will continually work to bridge the gap in our community by providing a platform, a voice and a conduit for empowerment. 

Vision Statement

To be broadly recognized for excellence in media production by using our platform and our vision to Encourage, Educate and Empower the world.


  1. To be recognized as an educational and empowerment media platform and media production company.

  2. To set a standard and deliver a service known for Excellence in Multimedia Programming and Filming.

  3. To bridge the gap in the community by being a voice for the people.

  4. To engender community prosperity by giving back to those who are less fortunate.